Customized trial placement without obligation

Looking for the best solution to separate waste within your company? By running a pilot, we make all your specific wishes transparent. By means of a trial installation of our waste bins, we keep all options open for the perfect waste bin, completely customized. Discover the best solution for your organization.

*We are currently doing trial placements in the Netherlands and Flanders through our partner De Afvalbak. Is your location outside of this? Contact us and we will look for a suitable solution.

waste separation 4 compartments black and white glass remainder pmd paper

That is how it works

1. Check waste flows

Are the current waste flows satisfactory?

2. Involve colleagues

How do I involve my colleagues in the waste separation process?

3. Response Poll

What are the reactions to the waste bins?

4. Interior check

Do the waste bins match the interior?

Or visit our showroom

Looking for a waste bin for sustainable waste separation within your company? Visit our showroom and get advice about a custom waste bin. Be welcome!

binbin showroom view waste bin