We believe in our Bin Five

Normally 3 is the magic number, but we couldn't choose. Therefore our strong big -uhh, BIN five! 

Double flap for modular trash bin split option

We love nature

We only get to work if a product for more than 98% can be made from circular materials. We turn our old BinBins into something new again, and every BinBin waste bin has a circular passport as living proof of their circularity. By helping the business market with the right units for waste separation, we ensure that used raw materials have a new lease of life to get.

Dutch Design, made in Holland

We do not have containers full of waste bins from China, nor purchased models. BinBin stands for Dutch product designers who work together with real Dutch craftsmen. They are still there and we are proud of that. This is not only reflected in our design and finish, but also in the lifespan of our waste bins.

globular paper pmd glass rest white waste bin

Service in everything

BinBin strives for the very best experience for you, our customer. With our service we go full throttle to make waste separation the experience it should be. Free scan of your company? No problem. Would you like a non-binding trial placement and/or would you prefer a digital waste scan? You call, we turn! If in a single case something breaks on the utensil, we will always solve this. Only the removal of the waste from the waste bin is for you.

Every detail modularly designed

The mountain of waste is not growing at the moment and hopefully will shrink for a while. That is why our bins are designed in a modular way, so that they can continue to adapt to changes. Are you starting with 4 flows today? With a call to our account managers, we can easily adjust this to 5, 6, 7 or 8 waste streams. Starting up without a cup supervisor or valve on your GFT, but regret it later? An email to our service desk and the next day you will have the necessary accessories at home!

dark red waste bin white flap waste separation pmd pet bottle paper rest

Customization for your industry

Everyone experiences waste separation in his or her own way. At BinBin we strive for the perfect waste bin for every company. This way you can compose your ideal waste bin yourself with our accessories or you can choose from our existing models and we adapt it to your specific wishes. We like to think along with the specific wishes of your company and are only satisfied when you are!