Total volume in liters per waste stream: 60L and 75L

High-quality appearance, beautiful details and subtle finish. The Original is made for just that little bit more appearance. And not only is it the smartest, but it also does exactly what all our other waste bins do: collect raw materials that help us improve tomorrow's world. 


For office, hotel and high-end locations

Our design pearl

Our showpiece is designed from the dissatisfaction of an industry where design and functionality go hand in hand. Making waste separation sexy was - and still is- our goal, and with the De Original we succeeded. Round finishes in the hat, clean lines from top to bottom and no concessions in use. Soft-close, with or without inner container and a minimum of 60 liters per waste stream. The signing is key to making waste separation successful within your company. The specially designed BinBin icons lend a hand here.

Original 3 black bamboo waste streams signing waste bin
Original paper waste separation design waste bin

Sustainability to the core

Whether you go for completely white, black or a custom color? Circularity remains key with our waste bins. A hat made of bamboo or -if desired- made of recycled plastic. The steel we use has already had a life and the coatings are made on a sustainable basis. It is not for nothing that we have a circular product passport for all our products. The original scores a whopping 98.2%.

Signing is key

The right images, texts and icons on your waste bin are important for successful waste separation within your organization. mWith a selected group of behavioral psychologists, we designed signing that is recognizable for young and old, purifies source separation and shows you the right way without further aids. The use of accessories also makes a positive contribution to waste processing.

Original 4 green waste separation station design waste bin

Book a trial placement

We do not speak of waste, but of a experience† An experience that you have to see, feel and experience. Book a non-binding trial placement and experience our sustainable waste bins.

binbin showroom view waste bin


Original 2: W 710 x D 317.5 x H 757 mm
Original 3: W 1010 x D 317.5 x H 757 mm
Original 4: W 1310 x D 317.5 x H 757 mm
1.25mm powder coated steel
1.25mm powder coated steel
1.25mm powder coated steel
20 mm bamboo or recycled pmd
20 mm bamboo or recycled pmd
20 mm bamboo or recycled pmd
2 x 75 liters
2 x 75 liters 1 x 60 liters
2 x 75 liters 2 x 60 liters


white / bamboo
white / white
black / bamboo
black / black


ISO 9001 – 14001 certified
Dutch Design
Made in Holland
modular assembly

Customize it

Due to its smart modular construction, there are 101 possibilities to put together the Original. From 2 to 8 waste streams, with or without cup holder, lids for your organic waste or a slot for paper. We make waste bins where you as a customer come first. If there is something not in our accessories, we will make it custom. Directly to our accessories? Click on 'see more' for our current range.